Extra Security


Locksmith in Redcar

Sir Locksalot Locksmith in Redcar advise all homes to have extra security fitted, your home can never be too secure. One of the ways you can add extra security is by having Prikka locksmith in redcarStrips fitted.

Prikka Strips can be fitted on top of walls, fences and drainpipes. These strips can deter burglars from trying to gain entry to your home, they are made to make it difficult for the burglar/thief to climb into your garden.

There are different anti-climb security spikes available in many types of materials. You can have static or rotating spikes fitted it all depends on what level of security you are looking for. Sir locksalot locksmith in Redcar can come to your home or business premises and guide you through making a decision on which type of spikes you should be using.

Why not take advantage of our free no obligation quote and give Gavin a call on 07368491224 . He will be more than happy to help you.

Door Security

Yale Door Viewers

A yale door viewer is an upgrade to the old style spy hole. Yale  Door Viewers show an image of whomever visits you, it provides a safe way to see visitors and possible bogus callers before you open your door.

Home office statistics show that approx 11,500 people a year are victims to bogus callers. By being able to see who is at your door is so very important. Scammers pretend to be officials from various companies wanting to gain access to your home. When they do get inside they have various ways of distracting you so that they can steal your valuables and cash.

With a 3.2inch digital screen you can rest assured that the door viewer gets a very clear picture of whoever is at your door. Unlike the old style viewer where you would have to get up to the door and look through it, with the digital door viewer you can see who is at your door from a few feet away. Because of the size and clarity of the screen old people and children will benefit as it is a lot easier for the viewer to be seen.

Motorcycle Security

locksmith redcarAt Sir Locksalot Locksmiths in Redcar we can also advise you on motorcycle security. One of the product we can highly recommend is the Oxford brute force ground anchor.

The sold secure silver standard means the anchor is a hardened steel bolt down system, you can choose to secure it to the floor or a brick wall. The bolts are protected by a ball bearing which is covered when in the locked position.

Letterbox Security

A would be burglar can even use your letterbox to take your car keys and house keys which many people leave near the front door.  By having a letterbox cage fitted you put a stop to anyone gaining entry to your home via the letterbox. The cage prevents tools from being inserted through the letterbox - keeping your keys safe. Locksmith in Redcar can fit letterbox cages safely and securely, call Gavin today if you are interested in having one fitted.


locksmith in redcar

When it's  summertime and the nights are a lot lighter, people find it harder to secure their outbuildings. We all enjoy getting our garden furniture out and relaxing, especially at the weekend. For most of us we get a bit more concerned that we have our expensive items out on show. There are many things we can do to keep these items a little bit more protected. Try getting a few chains and wrap them round your garden furniture then secure them to the wall or floor is just one little tip. You can buy a padlock and secure your garden gate just before you go to bed. Take 30 minutes out of your day to think about what little adjustments you can make to your garden and deter would be burglars and petty thieves. Protect your property and make it harder for the burglar and maybe they will move on and leave your outbuildings alone. You should always have a professional locksmith fit all of your locks, don't be tempted to use a handyman or skimp on money and buy cheap locks. In the long run this will cost you a lot more money, save money when and where you can and call locksmith in Redcar in the beginning.

Redcar locksmith provide free quotes. If you would like more information or advice on how to secure your garden and outbuildings don't hesitate to call Gavin today. Locksmith in Redcar offer free home security surveys to help you decide on how to secure your property so you can sleep well at night.


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