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TS007 3 star

Having been tested to British Standard TS007 3 Star means an upgraded high security handle is not necessary. This is because the Ultion central cam when locked, becomes secured independently and not secured to the internal plug. Basically, when the key is left on the inside of the lock the Ultion is still secure.

Sold secure Diamond

Setting new standards in home security, the Brisant Ultion is now the pinnacle in anti snap euro cylinders. Other locks carry the TS007 rating but most are lacking the sold secure diamond standard. The cylinders are tested by real locksmiths and the testers are permitted extra access to the lock and are allowed to use more tools than usual testing.

 Sold Secure Diamond

This is the ultimate standard when it comes to high security locks. Some locks have the Ts007 rating but fail when it comes to the sold secure diamond standard. Tested by real locksmiths the person testing is allowed more access to the lock and more tools. It is also allowed for the tester to break the material around the lock and more time allotted.

The snap secure feature of the Ultion lock will not be compromised even if you have a key in the opposite side of the door. We have all left our key in the door at some time or another, this can be a problem with other high security locks as this can circumvent the snap safe protection, but, with the Ultion this is not a security issue.

The National Statistics office show that approximately 74% of break ins are now committed by the burglar gaining entry through the door. Make it as hard as possible for anyone to break into your home by calling Gavin at Sir locksalot Locksmith Redcar on 07368491224 to advise you on the best security that you can afford.

The Ultion is currently still unbeaten in every test.

Redcar locksmiths Anti Snap Locks           Redcar Locksmiths anti snap

Redcar Locksmiths anti snap locks can help you secure your home to deter thieves from gaining entry into your home. One method they use is 'lock snapping'.With every day tools the burglar takes apart the door handle and exposes the lock. The lock is now accessible, the burglar breaks the lock and has access to your property. This can be done in minutes by a professional burglar.


A high proportion of burglars use the lock snapping technique and Police advise that householders get their door locks checked to see if their entry points have anti snap locks fitted.

If you don't know what you are looking for when checking your locks then call your local Redcar Locksmith for advice on anti snap locks. One of our technicians will visit you and check to see which locks you have. If you just want advice on the security of your home then you can just call and speak to one of our locksmiths. We are more than happy to help.

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